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  Mountain View Our Certified Diabetes Educators (from left - Samantha Hufford, RD, CDE, Tim Walker, RN, CDCES, Janice Monachino RN CDE) are specially trained to provide education and support to our patients with diabetes, and to help them understand and manage the condition. They promote self-management to achieve individualized behavioral and treatment goals to optimize health outcomes.

  Mountain View
Samantha Hufford, RD, CDE

May 2011 - Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Fitness - University of Missouri - Columbia
May 2012 - Bachelor of Science in Dietetics - University of Central Missouri

Prior to joining the practice, Samantha was at Truman Medical Center for 5 years where she spent time providing medical nutrition therapy to inpatients. She was also part of the Diabetes Self-Management Program, providing individual nutrition counseling as well as teaching group classes.


Kathy Firkins, MLT (ASCP), Laboratory Administrator

Kathy graduated from the Medical Laboratory Technology program at Metropolitan Community College in Kansas City in 1982 and received her certification and registration from the American Society for Clinical Pathology.  She joined Drs. Hellman and Rosen in 1995 working as a medical technologist in the laboratory and became the laboratory manager in 2005.  She focuses on maintaining the excellence in quality that is essential in laboratory medicine.

The Laboratory:

The laboratory at Hellman and Rosen Endocrine Associates is a moderate complexity laboratory providing a full service hematology and urinalysis department, complete chemistry department, specialty testing such as Vitamin D, 25OH by chemiluminescence and Hemoglobin A1c by HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography), as well as a complex list of thyroid, endocrine, and metabolic immunoassays. Currently over 96% of the tests ordered by our providers are run in house, with less than 4% being sent out to reference laboratories. The laboratory has continued to grow by adding cutting edge technology to expand our test menu with new assays to better serve our patients. 

Accreditation: On-site inspections and accreditation by the following voluntary and governmental regulatory agencies: COLA (Commission on Office Laboratory Assessment) since 1990;     CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) since 1992;  CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services); Missouri Department of Health


Proficiency Surveys and Quality Assurance:                                                                                     
MLE (American College of Physicians Medical Laboratory Evaluation) 
DEQAS (Vitamin D External Quality Assessment Scheme)

Reception and Scheduling
The reception and scheduling staff is under the direction of Garnet Deere who joined Drs. Hellman and Rosen in 1999. In addition to reception and scheduling, the front office staff handles incoming telephones and faxes, prepares documents for office visits and facilitates communication with all other departments.
  From left:  Garnet Deere, Leslie Bailey, Eva Dickey, Marlin Grey

Billing Department
Billing Department

We have our own in-house billing office, with staff dedicated to the efficient and ethical third party insurance and patient billing for our services. Our staff is especially trained to assist with the more complicated questions regarding insurance filings, copays, balance due, payment plans, and related issues. Although the ultimate responsibility for the bill rests with the patient, our billing staff tries to assist our patients in working together to resolve any problems with insurance issues.  However, though our billing staff makes every effort to keep current on various insurance plans, they cannot know the specific details of every employer's plan.  Each insurance plan has a service department that can help patients understand their particular plan and responsibilities.

Our billing department staff is available during regular business hours to assist you in answering questions, or in working out a payment plan. 

   Robin Schartz, Nancy Corkill, Whitney Barker, Maureen Latta, Paula Lorino

DEXA / Sonography
DEXA / Sonography

Our radiology technologist, Dee Sedillo, has been with Hellman & Rosen Endocrine Associates since January, 2010.  She has  been a registered radiologic technologist since 1996 having completed her education in Pueblo, Colorado.  She is certified on the Lunar Prodigy bone densitometry machine and has previous experience on other DEXA machines as well.  In addition to DEXA scanning, Dee assists the physician with thyroid ultrasound and thyroid biopsy procedures.

Dee is licensed with the Kansas Board of Healing Arts and is a member of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists.


Dee Sedillo,RT(R) 





Becky Bowlen, Shannon Hendricks, Lakeisha Williams, Renae Collins, Allison Martin, Bridget Hamilton, TraVonda Anderson, Melinda Foster  




Mountain View

Julie Hellman, RN, CDE - IT Coordinator
Has been with the practice since 1986. She has worked to transition the practice to an electronic health record since 1998 and continues to work on the maintenance and daily function of the electronic systems. She has worked with the research projects for the Heart of America Diabetes Research Foundation including long-term care outcomes in diabetes, use of electronic health records to improve quality of care and device studies such as the implantable insulin pump, glucose sensor studies and inhaled insulin.

Mountain View

Michael Meerian - IT Admin
Has been with the practice since 2014. He handles IT maintenance and brings to the table an extensive background in technology. Michael assists in implementing any new technology released to keep our practice on the cutting edge.

Practice Administrator
Practice Administrator

 Judy Lessenden, MHSA, CMPE is a graduate of University of Kansas, obtaining both her Bachelor's degree and her Master of Health Services Administration.  She has been employed in the healthcare field for over 25 years and prior to becoming the Practice Administrator for Drs. Hellman and Rosen, worked at several physician offices in Lawrence and Overland Park, Kansas.  She has been with Hellman & Rosen Endocrine Associates since September, 2000.  In her free time, she enjoys attending University of Kansas sporting events and fly fishing.