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Clinical Psychologist
Phillip Pegg, PhD

As a clinician and behavioral health consultant, Phil Pegg, Ph.D., brings to bear years of experience both in conducting individual and group psychotherapy and working within the primary care context. He received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 2003 from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Dr. Pegg's focus during his graduate training was Behavioral Medicine and since completing his doctoral studies, he has focused on adult clinical psychology, psychopathology, and such behavioral health issues as medical anxiety, patient information-seeking styles, patient exertion of control in the healthcare setting, and doctor-patient variables related to healthcare outcomes.

Dr. Pegg provides therapy for mental health concerns as well as integrated behavioral health consultancy in support of patients who have diabetes, obesity or issues around weight management, and other endocrine disorders. The focus of his role as a behavioral health consultant is improved treatment adherence and enhancement of coping in the presence of diabetes and related medical concerns. He offers diverse programs such as smoking -cessation and supportive group therapy. He is also an integral part of our education and behavior change programs.

Primary Specialties:
Clinical Psychology, Integrated Healthcare, Behavioral Medicine

M.A. in Clinical Psychology: 2002

Virginia Commonwealth University - Richmond, Virginia

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology: 2003

Virginia Commonwealth University - Richmond, Virginia