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At Hellman & Rosen Endocrine Associates, we have been providing patient-centered comprehensive diabetes care and endocrine services for over thirty years. We provide both consultative services and, upon request, primary care for patients with diabetes or other endocrine disorders.

We believe that a patient-centered integrative approach is best for many conditions, especially for those with diabetes. We link education closely with medical care and provide support from behavioral health services, particularly in helping to maintain healthy lifestyles. Although we are experts in caring for the very sickest patients, and have great experience in complex disorders, we emphasize the prevention of complications. 

We are highly acclaimed nationally for our work in improving diabetes outcomes and improving patient safety.  We are also recognized for our involvement in the latest technology.  We have a fully integrated electronic medical record system and we are involved in important research efforts to improve the quality of care, improve patient safety, and to improve the technology available to our patients.

Our outstanding Diabetes Education Program has been recognized by the American Diabetes Association since 1996 and is approved by Medicare for reimbursement. 

Both Dr. Richard Hellman and Dr. Howard Rosen have been awarded recognition by the National Committee for Quality Assurance Diabetes Recognition Program.  NCQA's Diabetes Recognition Program recognizes clinicians who have met standards demonstrating delivery of high-quality care to patients with diabetes.   

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